Your Personal Marketing Strategy


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We will focus on tips to enhancing your career and performance.  Facts and ideas that will keep you ahead of your game especially in the competitive world. We welcome contributions and articles which should be sent to

Come with us and enjoy your Career.

  • Be the manager of your own career- set realistic goals that you can achieve and you will be amazed at what you can do.
  • Make and get connections -who can help you get what you want. Ask for advice from people you admire and respect.
  • Be visible- Be seen where your clients and connections are. Go to places where your most influential clients are. Identify with them.
  • Get things done- Become known for being reliable. And getting things done. Occasionally volunteer for jobs and go the extra mile.
  • Make your Boss look good. Treat your boss like a client. He or She gave you Business and pay you. Your Boss too need support, motivation and understanding.

Research your own personal packaging- decide on your own personal image. Look Good and presentable. Your image should give your client confidence in you.

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