Tips for Writing a Business Proposal  


For every business you do, you need a plan and your plans must be explicit at all times. Your plan helps your feasibility and determines a lot in the eventual success generated. Your Business plan tells a clear story of what your company plans to do and how its done.

Your style of writing depends on your business industry but basics tips are as follows:

  • Have different proposals to suit different clients
  • Consistently review them to work with time and schedule.
  • Be consistent and realistic with your plan, Budgets and financial Estimates
  • Since your business plan reflects your ideas, its also your blue print which you must constantly refer to.
  • Follow your facts up with facts and statistics, it tells a lot about your credibility
  • Make your presentation interesting and worth reading to the end. Font size, space out etc are key. Consider formatting your text pages into two-columns and break up long passages with charts or graphs. Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman are standard industry fonts.

Your Business Plan must contain the following

  • Executive Summary which is the covering letter, the shorter version of the proposal containing concept, facts and figures etc.
  • Business Description that will help the clients informed decision, Swot analysis of the plan
  • Strategies you want to adopt in executing your plan and timeline
  • Outcomes: results that will accrue from the business plan
  • Financials: this will show budget and financial figures involved in the proposals.

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