Strategies to adopt when you keep losing money


You may have put so much in place to cut your costs and yet you cannot account for how you spend money. Imbibe the following habits and you will see the difference

  • Make your money work for you. Don’t just save, invest your money to give you multiple streams of income, identify what you can do with your savings that can give you extra.
  • For every business you transact or purchase made, ensure you negotiate. Keep negotiating until you are sure you have cut back on your spend.
  • At some point in your career or business, complacency will set in. this may be due to lack of motivation or work condition. Don’t let this pull you down, re-engineer yourself immediately. You may wish to take a break for self evaluation and restrategise.
  • Always work beyond the goals you set for yourself as just meeting your goals is limiting yourself when you can actually do more.
  • Invest in yourself! You are your own asset, don’t wait for your organization to send you for training before you can get better, look out for yourself, equip yourself with current tools and strategies that will enhance your business or performance.
  • Always put your long term financial situation into consideration once you start making money, Plan for life after office as this is very crucial.

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