Most of the time we find it difficult transmuting from being a regular staff to a Supervisor or Manager. Challenges of how to relate with your mate from the former pedestal comes up and ability to manage this process speaks volumes of you as being competent to be a manager. Please not  your employees may do the following to you:

  • They will test you in your new role as a manager
  • They will take advantage of their personal relationship with you for selfish reasons
  • Some will find it difficult adjusting to the fact that you are the new boss.

But not to worry, here are some tips you will find useful in the course of your work.

  • Always have regular one-on-one meetings with each member of your team. This will help you keep tabs on their progress, and help head off issues and conflicts before they arise.
  • Establish clear goals for your group, and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. When everyone understands the game plan, your team can play (and work) together a whole lot more smoothly.
  • No matter how much you want to be cool with your former colleagues, it’s really important to stay professional.
  • You need to develop new skills that will enhance your performance like Human relations Management, Human Resources, Strategic planning and thinking, communication skills etc
  • Do not allow friendship to get in the way of your job and career. Keep your friendship with friends but draw the line between the two.
  • Have a game plan for your new role, you must establish yourself as a credible leader that can be relied on.
  • The sooner you can set clear expectations and goals for your team, the better they’re likely to perform. Plus, you’ll establish your credibility as a leader.
  • Do not Be afraid to take crucial decisions because in the course of your duty, you will manage crisis and even unpleasant situations. You have to weigh your options carefully so as to avoid error.
  • When you are in doubt, ask for advice. You can ask your colleagues at the managerial level, Human Resources department or your company guidelines
  • You need mentors, identify those who can impact positively in your life, those who are well experienced in the same field as yours, those who can help your career.
  • Train and Retrain . You may wish to talk to your HR department about any internal training or support programs for leadership. Outside classes and seminars for managers are another great resource. Reading career articles and tips is another source of inspiration for new managers.
  • Most importantly, stay healthy. New positions may be stressful at the beginning, you will have to find a way to balance it with your private life.
  • And of course, best of luck in your new position.

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