Many employees complain that their salaries are grossly inadequate given the present economic situation. While some grumble some are contemplating on threatening to resign so they can negotiate for a raise.

Truth is, no one is going to give you a raise out of the goodness of employers heart, you have to justify your being given a raise.

To help you, here are some reasons you should have at your disposal when asking for a raise.

  • Salary information showing that your competitors are paying more for your position
  • Facts and figures showing how your contributions have directly helped your organisation
  • Evidence of commendation from your superiors, co workers and clients.
  • List of major accomplishments over a year.

Even when you are armed with all these, you have to be sure  that

  • The timing is right
  • Your company is not struggling to stay in business
  • What you are asking for is considerate
  • Your presentation is appropriate
  • Most importantly your Boss is in a good mood.

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