Secrets for Being Effective Manager

Ever wondered why some managers make the managerial process seem so easy and some others make it look like a no go area?  Well the truth here is that there is no accident to being an effective manager. Managers who are effective have learned the secrets that make them stand out above others.

In this series of management tips we would see a few secrets to becoming a better manager in your field.

Firstly  good managers are comfortable being themselves. They know who they are and they are comfortable with that fact. This does not mean that they do not have flaws, YES they know they have flaws and are willing to work on them. They know this is not a sign of weakness but of great strength.

A good manager empowers others to be the best of themselves- honestly speaking your team is better than they know and actually better than anyone knows. Does your team know you have got their backs when carrying out assignments and responsibilities? To lead a team efficiently your team need to have confidence in you and your abilities.

Managers set stretch goals for themselves and their team.  Meeting easy goals does not necessarily help anyone. Easy goals can be termed as assignments or tasks. So set stretch goals for yourself. Share your goals with your team and then help them set stretch goals for themselves that tie back to the goal of your team as a whole. In the long run your organisational goal is achieved.

Share all the credit you can with your team, do not worry about who gets credits for things. You would definitely look petty if you try to always snag all the credit to yourself. Say thanks often and authentically. Make time to say thanks to your team for all the great stuff they do in an authentic way.

Its important to note that you would fall into errors if you do not it means that you are not taking enough risks and you should not be a manager if that is so. When you are wrong do not cover it up admit it and fix it with that your team would have more confidence in you.

Finally if you want to set an example, reflect what you want to see in your employees. If you are coming late to the office your employees would find coming late an ok thing to do.

Brenda Collins

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