Tips for Breaking into Broadcasting By Tanya Bacchus

These days a lot of young folks are seeing the lucrativeness of broadcast journalism. In this blog post we shall be looking at tips to succeed  in your broadcast journalism career.

Danya Bacchus   who is an anchor reporter for NBC 7 gave these tips:

  • Never give up:

The truth is that there are a thousand and one people who want to get the same broadcast journalism job that you are aiming at. So it’s usually the norm to get rejected most times but if broadcast journalism is actually your dream you would not give up. Never take no for an answer keep working on you and applying and meeting people. In the long run it would pay off.

  • Watch the news and read the news:

If you want to venture into broadcast journalism, you have to be keen about the news. You must be a abreast with news as they come in. have different sources and avenue for information do not rely solely on one source. You have to be super knowledgeable to be in this field.

  • you have to keep an open mind. You have to be open to learning new things as they come your way. No one is an island many people have gone ahead of you and are coming after you. Learn from both parties its keeps you abreast with the new trends.

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